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What Accessories Should You think about Getting with a Travel System Stroller?

Are you thinking about purchasing a travel system stroller?  Do you currently have one?  Depending on your needs, like the need for a place to put your drinks, you may want to consider adding certain accessories.  Although travel system strollers usually come well equipped with some cup holders and compartments, you might want to add some additional storage capacity.  In this article, I cover the add-ons that you might want  to purchase for with your stroller. 

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One of the most important types of accessories you can purchase are organizers.  Cupholders, trays, stroller bags, mobile phone holders, hooks for bags and other items fall within this category.  You will find when out and about for the day you will want to bring many things.  Organizers will extremely useful for placing your drinks and personal items.  Your hands will tied up enough when taking care of your child that you don't need to lug anything else.  

Bunting Bags and Footmuffs
If you live in a cold climate or will be out during the winter, bunting bags and footmuffs will be essential to keep your baby bundled up.  Babies'circulatory systems are not as developed as those of adults, so they can become cold very easily.  These bags can often be used with many car seats and stroller seats.  They usually fit snugly on top of seats.  In cold weather, you can push your baby around securely knowing that he or she is comfortably bundled up and protected from the cold, wind and rain.  

Insect Netting and Stroller Covers
If you are going to taking a stroller with your baby during the summer or live in a tropical climate, insect netting will be vital.  You will find mosquitoes are attracted to babies and young kids.  Insect netting is very easy to place over a travel system stroller.  Plastic stroller covers are another useful accessory.  They protect your baby from the rain and wind and keep him or her warm.  They placed over most of the strollers.  Usually, they have a door in front of the baby seat, so that you can pass food, toys and other things to your baby.  Make sure that you purchase a stroller cover that fits well over your stroller, is transparent and leaves some good room between your baby and the cover.  Many strollers have covers made specifically to fit them.  A lot of babies tend to get fussy when you put a cover over the stroller and they feel trapped.  

This may be the most appreciated accessory of all.  There are a lots of different toys specifically made for strollers which attach to their frames.  If you are going out shopping or any where else, these toys will keep your child entertained.  Otherwise, your child could get fussy and you find yourself heading home earlier than you expected.  

Head Supports
These are especially important during the first months of your child's life as their muscles are not yet developed and their neck cannot support the weight of their head.  Headrests provide some extra support and prevent their heads from moving around to much in the car or stroller.  These supports can easily be added or removed from your child's car seat or stroller.  They also will make your child feel more comfortable and be less fussy.     

In this article, I have covered some of the most important accessories (i.e., organizers, bunting bags and footmuffs, stroller covers, toys and head supports) you might want to consider adding to your travel system stroller.

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What is a Baby Travel System Stroller?

Are you a new or expecting parent? The tons of baby supplies that you need to purchase can be overwhelming. Even when you look at strollers, there are many options: standard, lightweight, jogger, travel system, tandem and prams. Don't fret! You'll figure things out. There is a wealth of information out there, especially online.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the travel system stroller and see if it is the right option for you. Travel Systems were invented because of the benefits of purchasing one piece of equipment to take care of what were two items in the past: car seats and strollers. In these strollers, the car seat can be placed into both a stroller or a base in the car. This makes the transition easier from one to the other, especially when your child falls asleep. Before we had a travel system, I remember many times that my wife and I would get frustrated when our sleeping child would wake up when moving her from the stroller to the car. Thank goodness for Travel Systems!

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Travel System Pros*

Travel systems are widely available in lots of styles, prices and configurations, so it's pretty easy to find one that you like. The infant car seat, and usually one stay-in-car base, are included with the travel system, so you know the stroller and car seat will work well together.

These strollers are usually full of features, so you should have plenty of storage space, cup holders and compartments. Also, some travel systems offer some great conveniences like swing out front trays, one-hand folding and fully reclining seats. Some of these strollers can be used for children up to 40 pounds and more, so the stroller should last a while.

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Travel System Cons**

Travel systems could be heavier due to these extra features. This can be an inconvenience if you are going to be lifting your stroller a lot, especially to stow it in your car or store it in your home. These strollers also tend to be larger than regular ones. Even if you fold them up, they could still occupy a lot of space and can take up a good part of your car trunk. The extra size and weight of these strollers may mean that they are not as maneuverable as standard strollers.

Sometimes, when companies try to reduce the whole travel system's price, one component may be reduced in quality. If it's the infant car seat that is lower in quality, it may lose some features that make it not worth purchasing. For instance, baby car seats with harness adjusters on the back are included with many budget travel systems. The inconvenience of adjusting the straps when they are behind and under the baby in the carrier means parents may not adjust the harness properly, which isn't safe.

Other Considerations:


The price of travel systems can range from slightly over a hundred dollars to a thousand. Most good quality travel systems will cost from $200 to $400. Because you are going to use the stroller for some time, it may be better to spend more to purchase a better quality stroller that will last longer.


Are travel systems safe as strollers and car seats? Are they as safe as regular strollers? Every car seat manufactured is extensively tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) before it's approved for sale in the US. Seats are not given individual safety ratings; any seat being sold is certified as being safe for use by the NHTSA, as long as it is used according to the specifications for the seat.

This has been a basic introduction, including positives and negatives, regarding travel system strollers. As always, it is essential to do your research and check reviews for specific baby travel system strollers. There is tons of information online and in magazines. I would also recommend making a trip to a local store to see some strollers in person. That way you will have a better idea about some of the features covered here.

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What is the Best Travel Stroller System for You?

Are you trying to decide which travel system stroller is right for you? In this post, you will get some suggestions as to what to look for when purchasing a new stroller.

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One of the most important considerations is safety.  Your child means everything to you, because of this you want to make sure that the included car seat is a safe one. What type of harness does it have?  Is it a five point one.  How is it secured in the car?  What design features does it have to protect your child in the case of a crash?  Some travel system car seats are designed with a low center of gravity, so you child is not flung foward during a crash.

A second feature would be price. Travel stroller prices can vary quite a lot from slightly over a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  The high end prices are hard to believe, but some strollers have disc brakes and other advanced features.  Price should not be the only concern though. In many cases, you will be using the stroller for several years and will want one which will hold up.

This bring us to my third point. You should look for a stroller which is going to be durable, sturdy and can stand up to every day wear and tear over an extended period of time.  You stroller may take a beating if you are taking it our of and placing it in your car every day or if you travel some.  More than one of my strollers has had a torn canopy or broken plastic piece after flying.  If you have a chance, go to a store to check out the different models before purchasing and look at the reviews online. You will see that some strollers are definitely better made and use more durable materials than others.  Some have cheap plastics parts that easily break. 

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You should also consider the stroller's size and weight. Remember that you will be walking with your child and pushing a heavy stroller up steep hills could be tough (and a great workout!). You will want a stroller that is as lightweight as possible, but also sturdy. Because they are strollers with baby car seats, Travel System strollers can often times weigh more. If you are going to be out and about, you want a stroller that is easily maneuverable and able to fit through doorways and tight spaces.

In choosing a travel system stroller, you also want to look for something which is practical, has all of the features that you need and can be used for different ages. For instance, does the stroller have pockets to hold baby bottles, diapers and other items? Can the stroller be used for infants and toddlers? Until what age can the stroller be used?

Finally, you want to make sure that the stroller can easily be folded up and stored in your car and other locations. You would have to be a rocket scientist or muscleman to fold some of these strollers. Some travel system strollers do not fold up too much and therefore are not easy to transport. If you travel a lot, it is helpful to have a lightweight stroller that can easily be folded.

In deciding on a travel system stroller, you should consider features like price, safety, durability, size and weight and easy of use.